The Little Red Grape

The products we offer

At The Little Red Grape Bakery we love what we do! Our products are made from local produce and are freshly crafted every morning. We like to offer our customers a wide range of savoury and sweet products, updating our special boards and other products daily.

Our breads are made daily and are made by our incredible bakers who create beautiful flavours, soft textures and great caramelised crust. We offer you a wide range of loaves and bread can be sliced on-site at no extra charge.

The pastries that we have on offer, sweet and savoury are also made fresh 7 days a week. The pies, pasties and sausage rolls we make showcase many different flavours starting with your classic beef pie and pepper pasty to our one of a kind Chicken Kiev sausage roll and Lamb Shank pie. Our Bakers love getting creative with new flavours to offer our customers something new and something different.

For those who come to our bakery to sit down and have a meal we offer a delicious breakfast and cafe style menu for you to enjoy throughout the day.

Our yummy seasonal sweets such as tarts, cakes, donuts, biscuits and so much more are what keep bringing our customers back. We have the opportunity to have some more fun when baking our sweets especially around Easter time when we make Hot X Donuts, or at Christmas time when our cakes have a red nose and at Halloween time we find spiders everywhere!

We have our signature products but we also love getting creative in the kitchen. We love the smile we put on our customers’ faces when they see our products and what we can create.